​The best way to make a decision on your Martial Arts training is to speak to the people who are already training at the school you are looking at. Please look at the expressions of the students and parents who have kindly put their feelings about the KBT staff and Instructors below. In particular, the KBT Academy has great success with people of low confidence and children with challenging difficulties.

I've dreamt of learning a Martial Art since I first saw a Bruce Lee film when I was 13 - the passion, the power, the skill just amazed me.  Excuses were always found, then one day at the age of 23 it was time.....  being 23 and female i'll admit i was terrified - which all of the instructors and Master were aware of!  I had already met Master Plant at my induction and promised him i'd be back.

The first time walking into the academy I thought I was going to faint I was so nervous!  I met Miss Goodman at reception and told her how nervous I was and begged her not to embarrass me! (needless to say she did'nt.. the oppostie infact).  I felt like I had been there for years.  The nervousness dissappeared the second I first pulled back into guard.

What I love about the academy is everybody is so friendlly and polite and welcoming.  The instructors make you feel at ease so you don't feel like a fool if you mess up, they just show you again.  It's truly changed my life already even after just 6 weeks training.!  I'm happier, more confident and feel fitter.  The bonus is I feel i've made a whole bunch of new friends - students and instructors. 

with Pride and Respect

Hayley Oliver

(Adult student)


Dear Master Plant,


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and indeed all the instructors at the KBT Academy for the remarkable improvement in my daughter Chloe’s overall behaviour and new found enthusiasm, which she has gained partly from the structured and concise programme which is in place at KBT, where the mix of short term achievable goals, with long term equally achievable goals, which, from what I have witnesses whilst watching my daughters classes, give all that attend KBT, an outlet for physical expression with moral code that is sadly missing in a lot of our society these days. Without going into detail, your club has given my daughter an unbelievable lease of life! It is not an exaggeration to say that as soon as her class finishes, she is talking about when her next one is!

The standard of teaching in every class is first rate, where students are given a full anatomical warm up and stretched and classes are never predictable but always challenging and the instructors firm yet encouraging, leaving those in the class with a feeling of self-worth and physical well being.

Please pass on my thanks to all the staff that work so hard at KBT, including the young Black belts that are on the CIT program. Indeed, their presence in the classes is a constant reminder to students that their goals can be achieved.

 I close by saying that anyone that thinks society’s ils cannot be fixed because the future generation lack direction with morels, which encompass…discipline, courtesy, politeness, courage and compassion for those weaker than ourselves, should attend your academy to see for themselves a place where young people are being challenged and given direction. The “ripples” you are creating for the future are immense. Your club’s contribution to society is to be commended. I wholeheartedly recommend your academy to any adult looking for a challenge for themselves or their children.


Yours thankfully

G W Shipton

(Erith Parent)




I wanted to write and thank all of the Instructors and Staff at KBT for the enormous improvement that the Academy has made to my son Jack.

Jack joined the Academy in September 2008.  Jack has been diagnosed with Autism (Aspergers symdrome) which means he finds it difficult to communicate and be in the spot light.

Recently, friends and family have notices how much more confident Jack has become.  He now engages more in conversation and makes eye contact.  The teachers in school say he is now more involved in group activities and contributes more to class discussions.

The training has not only taught Jack discipline and self defence skills, it has given him the confidence that he needed in every day life.  We would recommend the Academy to any parents considering enrolling their child.

yours sincerely

Mrs C Lovelock

(Mother of Jack Lovelock)



Dear Master Plant, Chief Hurcombe and all Instructors,

Thank you so much for all the help you have given me during classes.  I am so glad that I plucked up the courage to join.  I love coming to classes and am constantly amazed at how friendly and supportive everyone is, including all the students.  They don't look at me and think 'Oh No... I've got that 'old' girl again', everyone I have partnered has been so positive and helpful to me.

I know I joined at a time when I had low self esteem, still have a bit really, but I realised the other day that at least at KBT I am building my confidence and achieving things I never thought possible.  I'm hoping it will rub off onto other areas of my life. 

Also I have seen Emily grow from a shy, quiet white belt to a confident and outgoing black belt, and even more so since joining CIT.  So again that you for pushing her and giving so much encouragement.​

Mrs Crout and daughter Emily Crout



Dear Chief Instructor,


"I have two daughters that train at the Welling Academy and words cannot begin to describe at how impressed I have been with the Academy. Firstly the instructors themselves  (Mr Lloyd and Mr Bell, supported by Mr Smieja) are nothing short of exemplary. All of them go out of their way to make students and family feel welcome and the quality of training and instruction is of the highest possible standard. All of them have played a major role in making my daughters feel at home at the Academy and this in turn has led to their Taekwondo training improving substantially since joining as well as an increase in their overall confidence.

Emphasis is placed on core principles of discipline, respect and courtesy towards others which is a refreshing approach when we are constantly reminded in modern society that these concepts are being frequently forgotten. The premises itself is always spotlessly clean, with all of the facilities and equipment required for students to train safely including several inches of matting, air conditioning, changing rooms and a spacious reception area where one of the instructors never fails to welcome visitors with a cheery greeting.

The Academy is extremely well run and I am constantly impressed by how well organised and efficent the day to day logistics of the centre are conducted.

As a result of all of the above, I myself have now commenced training at the Academy as has my Wife - something that we would never have considered previously. We now find that we are always looking forward to the next lesson as we have all become hooked on improving our Taekwondo and this has all been down to the Welling Academy and its fantastic staff.

For any budding Taekwondo enthusiast I can't recommend this Academy enough.

David Curry


Our son was keen to learn a form of martial arts. Since joining the KBT Academy he has become more confident, flexible and focused and he recently joined the leadership programme. The teachers are all very good and you can see how much all the children enjoy each session.

Since our son started his younger sister has subsequently joined and she is also now loving being part of the Academy. We rate the school very highly.

Mr and Mrs Harley

(Bexleyheath Parents)​


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