Your KBT Team
KBT Academy Black Belt Grading
Chief Master Steve Plant 
5th Degree Master Instructor

"I'm 54 this year and still don't feel any older physically, than I did at age 20.  I make sure that I train everyday and keep my weight down and muscle tone up. Life is all about eating sensibly and enjoying the sport/training that we do.  Your body is a gift from God and you should do everything possible to maintain it. Keeping your flexibility is an important key to a full and long life. Taekwondo Moo Duk Kwan  is our style of training. It has served me well; and it will you too."

"Personally I think that I am one of the lucky people . I have a wonderful family ( Three kids and five grandkids)  loyal friends and Instructors. I am in good shape and feel great."

"On top of that I'm co-owner of the biggest martial arts academy in the area. I have fantastic students both adults and juniors that are so supportive they make me very proud."

"We like to train with dedication here at KBT.  We are passionate about getting results and helping the people that have put their faith in us."

"Every Black Belt student that we  create is another success story that we will brag about. We have lots of success stories. All ages, all sizes."


Master Instructor Martial Arts Bexleyheath welling
Bexleyheath taekwondo, KBT Academy
Master Nicola Hurcombe
5th Degree Chief Instructor​


Speciality: Building Confidence

Miss Hurcombe's calm and gentle nature ensures that new students young and old are made to feel comfortable and reassured when starting a martial arts programme.

She has been training in Taekwondo for 19 years and is also a qualified aerobics instructor.

Her sunny personality means that students from 5 to 65 years old can take their first steps towards Black Belt in a fun and easy manner.

This enables the building blocks of confidence of each individual student to grow and be nurtured by all the KBT staff.

Master Nicola Hurcombe is the BEST. We have created many qualified Instructors at KBT and of course, in time they move on to other things. However.......

Miss Hurcombe is the one person we could never replace. She is the leading force of KBT.

Chief Instructor Martial Arts Bexleyheath
Senior Instructor Ben Cheeseman

4th Degree Master Instructor


Instructor of the Year 2013

​Speciality:  Educating and Competition Fighting

Mr Cheeseman is our gentle giant. 6ft 4inches of muscle with the speed and agility of a lion. Mr Cheeseman is KBT's iron man!

However, he is also a great technician and has a patient and friendly manner that is appreciated by all of the students training at our centre.  You know that you are in good hands and working with a true professional when you are being taught by this fantastic all rounder.

Mr Cheeseman likes to travel and in doing so he has gained life skills,knowledge and experience. If you are going to be taught martial arts by someone then who better than someone that has experienced life to the full and is able to share these experiences.

KBT Master Instructor Erith
KBT Master Instructor
Senior Instructor Kevin lloyd

4th degree Master Instructor​




​Speciality: Technician

Mr Kevin Lloyd has been training with the KBT Academy Of Martial Arts for many years. He is well known for his technical skills which he passes on to the students.

His students at KBT are a reflection on this technical training when it comes to performing their Forms/Patterns with accurate execution on moves and definition of stances.

Mr Lloyd's classes are highly energetic and motivational, he is a popular Instructor among all students.

This young Instructor has a great deal of integrity and makes a huge contribution to KBT. He has a wonderful calming air about him that fills other people with confidence.