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KBT Little Ninjas 4-5 year olds  Fridays 4.30pm


Little Ninjas is a great programme for the 4 - 5 year olds who may not yet be ready to start a full Martial Arts course.

The Little Ninjas programme uses games and Martial Arts drills to improve on eight core skills: Discipline, Control, Balance, Fitness, Teamwork, Memory, Focus and Co-ordination


Little Ninja classes are 30 minute sessions which include a warm-up, core skill training and cool down. 


Little Ninjas will take part in a grading every two months and will be awarded a different coloured striped belt as they progress through the programme.





Martial Arts Classes in Fairfield Sports Centre Dartford.


KBT Karate Kids 5-7 year olds  Fridays 5.00pm


This is a brand new section of classes added to the KBT Martial Arts experience. The 5-6 year old group are so eager to learn but need a litlle more time and patience spent with them to achieve the mastering of techniques required to take them to to the next level of learning.


Confidence building sessions are included in order to fully prepare the kids to make the transition into the junior programme later on.



KBT Beginners Family Classes age 8 and above  

Fridays 5.30pm


The family that kicks together, sticks together. Mum's and Dad's can spend quality time with their kids getting fit and having fun. Why not call 0208 303 8549 now to book your first class in for free with our friendly Instructor Emma McDonagh.

Little Ninjas 4-5 year olds                          Friday 4.30pm

Karate Kids  5-7 year olds                           Friday 5.00pm

Family Beginners 8 years and above       Friday 5.30pm


Classes held at:

Fairfield Leisure Centre

Lowfield Street

Dartford, DA1 1LH


Call 0208 303 8549 to book a free Class

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