Thai Chi and Yoga

Tai Chi Bexleyheath, Tai Chi Bexley

Slow moving, relaxed, low impact exercise. Helps posture, balance and joint movement. Beneficial for health. Great for stress relief.


Wednesday  10:00am Intermediate

Wednesday  11.15am Beginners


NEW QIGONG CLASS :     Thursday      10.00am-11.00am


A one hour class of low-impact, energy building exercises which are easy to follow and very relaxing. Suitable for all abilities as movements taught in progressive levels. Some of the possible benefits: 

  • stretch and strengthen the body

  • develop mindfulness and body awareness

  • improve balance, posture and flexibility

  • reduce stress and anxiety

  • better functioning of joints and body systems


First class FREE.


For further information call Rhonda Bailey on 07985 001782





Thai Chi

 Yoga coming soon