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Kid's and Teen's Classes 

Turn your child into a first class citizen.

Your child needs confidence - we can help

Your child needs discipline - we can help

Your child needs self esteem - we can help

You want your child to be safe - we can help

It’s easy.  Children thrive on discipline and rules, when it's delivered in a firm but fun atmosphere. Our structured and upbeat children's Taekwondo classes allow your child to learn respect and courtesy from day one, in a safe controlled environment.

Our instructors are hand picked for their mentoring capabilities and motivational skills, and the KBT team constantly set goals and challenges which keep your child motivated, inspired and focused.


Martial arts is especially helpful for children who may struggle a little at school and may need a little extra help. Each child is encouraged to do their best and the older children are given the responsibility of helping and guiding the younger ones which helps us to grow a great community spirit.

Sport in itself, is a great way for your child to become a fit and healthy adult, but especially Taekwondo which is an Olympic sport.

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In our Bexleyheath centre children' s beginner classes are on:

9.45am Saturdays

9.00am Sundays

5.30pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.