Applying focus and power (Martial arts).
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Adults Martial Arts Classes

Because mums and dads can train too!

The benefits of Martial Arts training for adults are simple:

  • You get fitter

  • You get healthier

  • You lose weight

  • You have fun

  • You get stress relief

  • You gain confidence

  • You meet new friends

  • You have a sense of achievement

  • You train in a clean, safe environment

  • Its easy to start


What holds us back from gaining these benefits is FEAR!  Fear that you can't do it, fear of looking silly, fear of not knowing anyone. Let us take that fear away.


Come and meet our friendly instructors for a one-on -one lesson before you make a decision to join. It's absolutely free and we can talk about your concerns and put you at ease. We have a great adult community at KBT and they will make you feel welcome in every class.


The core of our Training is Taekwondo, however we do incorporate other Karate, Jujitsu and Bo staff techniques to higher grade levels.


We are open 7 days a week so are bound to have something to fit your schedule. Our training halls are fully matted and any equipment you need you can buy from here. We have both male and female instructors with years of experience. It's a one-stop Martial Arts shop.


Call now on 0208 303 8549 to speak to one of our friendly instructors.


Beginners welcome.



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